My name is Asen. I have been improving companies for the last 14 years. Here I will share with you my experience and help you be a badass consultant. If you have any questions just email me

I few words about my achievements in the last 14 years:

  • I worked in +35 industries in 5 different countries
  • I have managed to save or generate additional value for my customer equal to USD 2 billions
  • Some of my customers managed to 10x their EBITDA thanks to my work

For those who want to know more about me:

  1. Check my Linkedin profile
  2. Visit my Quora profile with over 240 answers on interesting question
  3. Have a lookt at my YouTube channel
  4. Browse through  my +40 presentation on SlideShare 
  5. Check my courses on Udemy


Last but not lease some industries in which I managed to pick some experience:

  • Production of SMCG: domestic appliances, furniture, wooden doors, ceramic tiles, shoes, construction of houses;
  • Production of FMCG: cosmetics, juice, meat and sausages, fish products, salt, fashion, toys;
  • Retail: electronics, domestic appliances, wood boards, newspapers, pharmaceuticals, small FMCG (convenience shops), ceramic tiles, cosmetics, fashion, toys, DIY (home improvement);
  • B2B: aluminum system, plywood, alcohol, reagents; loading systems, steel constructions;
  • Services: industrial park, flight carrier; construction and development, MRO services, MCN;
  • Others: weapon.
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