How to change your business during the recession caused by coronavirus

A few years ago I have seen a documentary movie showing a refugee camp. To my surprise they have managed to create a mini economy inside the camp. There was a school, hairdressers, church, modest fast foods and small workshops. In other words even if the worst happens a new balance is created in which the flow of goods and services carries on.

We will see the same thing during and after the coronavirus pandemic. We will be most likely witnessing pretty big recession this year and the businesses will have to adapt to the new situation. Similar to what  we had after 9/11 there will be however a lot of changes in the way in which we handle human contact and how we organize our enterprises.

We have prepared a few tips on that in a form of a presentation. We have divided it into 2 parts. In the first one we provide some tips for the firms. In the second one for the governments. Some of them are short-term tips how to handle the situation 6 months. There are also tips that will help you avoid such a huge shock to the everyday life in the long run

Enjoy this presentation

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